Common Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

Green or Brown Water This is caused by small particles of copper and iron present in the water. Adjust the pH level with Poolpride pH Increase or Poolpride pH Decrease to between 7.2 - 7.8.  Then superchlorinate with Poolpride Chlorine Granules.  Apply Poolpride Liquid Floc - this accumulates the minute particles of copper, iron and manganese together so that they sink to the bottom of the pool and can be vacuumed up.
Green Discoloured Water Algae is present giving the water a greenish tinge.  This is usually caused by insufficient chlorine that allows algae to form. Adjust pH as above and shock dose with Poolpride Chlorine Granules.  Repeat if necessary and use Poolpride Algicide to support the chlorine.

Reduce stabiliser level to around 65 ppm by releasing some pool water and adding new water.  Excessive use of stabiliser may have caused the chlorine to become locked making it ineffective at levels above 150ppm.  Proceed with chlorination using Poolpride Chlorine Granules.

Chlorine Odour Swimmers complain of a chlorine odour and/or redness of their eyes.  Surprisingly, the cause may not be too much chlorine but too little Freely Available Chlorine.  As the Freely Available Chlorine sanitises the pool water, it mixes with ammonia type substances in the water such as bodily fluids and forms compounds called chloramines. It is these chloramines that can cause the chlorine odour problem. Shock treat pool with Poolpride Chlorine Granules. Repeat if necessary.
Cloudy Water The first cause could be early algae growth.  Another cause may be poor filtration and high levels of solids in suspension in the water.

Shock treat with Poolpride Chlorine Granules.

Check the filter operation.  Treat with Poolpride Liquid Floc then vacuum.

Reduce pH level to between 7.2 - 7.8 with Poolpride pH Decrease.  Then check alkalinity and adjust if necessary.

Check Water Hardness.  If Hardness is very high add fresh water to pool.

Scale Formation on Pool Walls and Fixtures This is caused by hard water.

Reduce pH level to between 7.2 - 7.8 with Poolpride pH Decrease.  Then check alkalinity and adjust if necessary.

Check Water Hardness.  If Hardness is very high add fresh water to pool.

Green or Brown Algae There is insufficient Free Available Chlorine in the pool water. Adjust pH and shock treat with Poolpride Chlorine Granules.  If you have a concrete pool, brush sides and bottom with a stainless steel brush.  For a vinyl pool, use a soft brush. Repeat the process if necessary.  Use Poolpride Algicide to assist the action of the chlorine.
Corrosion of Metal Fixtures, Rust or Copper Stains/Discolouration This is caused by the water being too acidic (low pH). Increase pH water level to between 7.2 - 7.8 with Poolpride pH Increase.  Empty and refill pool.  Proceed with pool treatment using the Poolpride 3 Step System.
Eye and Skin Irritation.  Red Eyes, Itchy Skin The water is either too acidic or too alkaline.

The pH of a human eye is about 7.4 so in order for the swimmer to be comfortable the ideal level for correct water balance is 7.2 - 7.8.

Adjust the pH to this level with Poolpride pH Decrease or Poolpride pH Increase.  Shock treat with Poolpride Chlorine Granules.

Blond or Tinted Hair Turns Green

This may occur due to over-use of a copper based Algicide, or the pH in the water has dropped so that it is starting to corrode copper fittings.

Note:  Poolpride Algicide does not include copper.

Adjust pH to between 7.2 - 7.8 using Poolpride pH Increase.

Tide Mark on Pool Wall at water line. This has been caused by a build up of greasy deposits such as sunscreen, body fats, sweat and make-up. Clean with a tile and liner cleaner that does not include detergent.

If you have a another pool problem you would like help with, please contact us!

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