Stabilised Chlorine Tablets

Size: 1.8Kg, 3.6Kg

Stabilised Chlorine Tablets will destroy and prevent algae/bacteria growth in pool water, with added stabiliser to protect against chlorine loss due to ultra violet light.  These long lasting tablets are convenient and easy to use, leaving no residue in your pool.



Always read the safety directions first (refer to packaging).


  1. A 30,000 litre pool generally requires 1 tablet (200g) per week.
  2. Add chlorine tablet(s) into pool floater ensuring the tablet(s) are completely covered by water.
  3. Frequency must be maintained so chlorine level remains between 1 - 1.5ppm.  If below these levels, add chlorine tablets until required level is achieved.

Before swimming, test your water and make sure the chlorine level is below 1.5ppm.

Weekly Requirements

Shock treat with Poolpride Chlorine Granules weekly or after heavy pool use.  Shock treating your pool will ensure there is not a build-up of resistant algae or bacteria strains.  Apply at the following rates:

  • For pools treated with stabiliser, add 100g per 10,000 litres of pool water
  • For pools NOT treated with stabiliser, add 160g per 10,000 of pool water.

Refer to pool calculator.

Superchlorination - for the beginning of season and new pools

Superchlorination involves adding a very high dose of chlorine granules at the start of each season or when the pool is badly affected by algae.  Treat your pool at a rate of 400g per 10,000 of pool water.


 Stabilised Chlorine Tablets MSDS


 Stabilised Chlorine Tablets INFO


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