Problem Solving

Depending on the results of your Poolpride Pool & Spa Test Strips you may need to adjust the water balance before you can effectively begin to use sanitisers (chlorine).  There is a range of Poolpride products that are specially designed for correcting any imbalances that may exist.

Free Available Chlorine

Maintaining the ideal level of Free Available Chlorine (1.0 - 1.5ppm) will ensure there is sufficient chlorine to fight bacteria in your pool and keep it sparkling clean.

Use Poolpride Chlorine Granules, Poolpride Chlorine Tablets or Poolpride Chlorine Pills to adjust the Free Available Chlorine level of your pool water.

pH Balance

pH determines the water's acidity and maintaining the ideal pH levels will prevent corrosion, scaling, cloudy water and skin or eye irritation.  A pH change can be the result of heavy rainfall, dust, wind or a higher than usual swimmer load.

Use Poolpride pH Increase and Poolpride pH Decrease to correct the pH levels of your pool water.

Total Alkalinity

This result will show how stable the pH balance of your pool water is.  Maintaining the correct levels of Total Alkalinity will prevent sudden pH changes so chlorine can work more effectively.

Use Poolpride pH Buffer to prevent rapid changes in pH and increase total alkalinity.  Poolpride pH Buffer will lock the pH level in place so that it does not fluctuate so easily.

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