Once you have achieved the ideal water balance in your pool, Poolpride has a range of chorine products that will maintain the health of your pool and keep it clean, bacteria free and sparkling clear.

Start of the Season or a New Pool

Superchlorination is recommended at the beginning of the season or when you start treating a new pool.  This is when you add a very high dosage of chlorine in order to prepare the pool for a regular maintenance program.  To superchlorinate you must use Chlorine Granules.

Use Poolpride Chlorine Granules at a rate of 400 grams per 10,000 litres of pool water, (this rate can be halved if Poolpride Algicide is being used in conjunction with the chlorine).  Once you have added the chlorine, filter to circulate, run the filter one hour for every 4,000 litres.  Wait up to 24 hours for the chlorine level to drop to 1.0 ppm, (measure using your Poolpride Pool & Spa Test Strips).

You are now ready to establish a daily maintenance routine.

Daily Maintenance Routine

Poolpride gives you four choices of chlorine products for daily maintenance.  The amount of chlorine required to maintain the correct water balance in your pool will vary slightly depending on swimmer load and other conditions specific to your pool.  With practical daily experience you will get to know the appropriate levels for your pool.

Poolpride Pool Calculator

Easily calculate the volume (in litres) of your pool using the Poolpride Pool Calculator.

Daily Maintenance - Apply one of these Poolpride Products

Poolpride Chlorine Granules
80 grams a day per 10,000 litres.

Poolpride Chlorine Pills
3 per day per 10,000 litres.

Poolpride Stabilised Chlorine Granules
20 grams per day per 10,000 litres.

Poolpride Stabilised Chlorine Tablets
1 tablet will last 1 week in a 36,000 litre pool.

Weekly Requirements

Shock dose with Poolpride Chlorine Granules at twice the daily dose rate, (approximately 160 grams per 10,000 litres).

If you do not use the Poolpride Stabilised Chlorine Granules or Poolpride Stabilised Chlorine Tablets we recommend you add Poolpride Stabiliser.  This product slows down the process of chlorine being burnt off in the sun, so it lasts longer.  You should apply Poolpride Stabiliser at the beginning of the swimming season and at three monthly intervals.  It is extremely important not to overdose with stabiliser as too high a level of stabiliser will "lock-up" the chlorine making it ineffective.  This can cause symptoms similar to having no chlorine in the pool.  Always check the level of stabiliser prior to any addition.

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